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Upcoming Webinars

Imagining 2050 – A look back at how we arrived at Zero

25 February 2020, 2pm AEDT


Imagine we have arrived at the year 2050 and we now have a Safe Transport System; apart from a rare occasion, there are no longer deaths and serious injuries on the road. What does a transport system without road trauma (a safe system) look like? How is a safe system a more liveable system?

This presentation takes a historical look at the past focusing on the steps taken to achieve substantial reductions in the road toll, some of which include:

  • Changes in legislation and accountability
  • Changes in road design
  • Reductions in fatal and serious injury
  • The identification of key factors in road death and serious injury through the ‘blameless model’
  • And much more!

Our expert for the webinar is Tia Gaffney, Principal Professional Leader, Transport Safety at ARRB.

Join us on Tuesday 25 February at 2:00 PM AEDT.

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NACoE: Advanced Methods for Compaction Quality Control (Part 3)

19 March 2020, 11am AEDT

NACOE compaction image edited

Join us for this FREE NACoE Webinar Series.

Traditional quality control specifications for earthworks require the achievement of a high relative compaction and rely on density measurements.

This webinar focuses on the applications and procedures associated with alternative testing to a density-based approach.

In earthworks testing, using density ratios is applied widely in quality control. There are currently many different measuring devices which can provide a more accurate measurement of design parameters (strength or stiffness) and can provide a more direct route for parameter assessment (i.e. limit need for any inclusion of generic relationships). 


Dr Jeffrey Lee - ARRB

Dr David Lacey - FSG – Geotechnics + Foundations

Dr Burt Look - FSG – Geotechnics + Foundations

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19 March 2020 @ 11am AEDT

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FREE webinars on Best Practice Guides

Starts 6 April 2020, 2pm AEST

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Last year ARRB received Commonwealth funding to deliver four Best Practice Guides particularly focused on Local Government Road Asset Management. These guides will deliver a harmonised approach to the standards and practices employed by Local Government across Australia.

We will be running free webinars on the guides, which will discuss what has been developed, and showcase how to use the interactive guide PDFs.

The webinars are ideal for all those who would regularly use, reference, or benefit from the best practice guides, this is including but not limited to works supervisors, engineers and field staff.

The series includes the following four webinars:

Session 1 - Monday 6 April 2020 | 2PM (AEST)
Bridge Management

Session 2 - Thursday 9 April 2020 | 2PM (AEST)
Unsealed Roads

Session 3 - Monday 20 April 2020 | 2PM (AEST)
Sealed Roads

Session 4 - Thursday 23 April 2020 | 2PM (AEST)
Materials for Road Construction

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